We are always working on creating new and exciting products to share with everyone- Here's a look at some of the projects coming up!

Foch Brandy Station - Old Vine

Mitchell Vineyards is the home of all the grapes we use to make our delicious Brandy Station.
But last year, we went out there with a distinct purpose: to harvest Foch grapes from only the oldest vines to make our finest brandy yet.
To celebrate the coming release, we have arranged a "supper club" style dinner event which has already sold out.
Expect Brandy Station Old Vine to be available for public purchase starting May 24th.

Ruddy Fox Vermouth

Ruddy Fox is a classic sweet red Vermouth, made in Wisconsin.
A bittersweet, fortified wine with rich notes of dates, cinnamon and door county cherries, Ruddy Fox is delicious on its own, and also pairs well with brandies, whiskies, and liquors of all sorts.
It is already available in our tasting room, and will be available for public purchase in late June.


We partnered with our neighbors at Giant Jones Brewing to put together a delicious Midwestern style Bourbon, featuring a carefully selected variety of grains blended together with the familiar corn-based mash. This slightly sweet and deeply flavorful collaborative creation is expected to be available for release this coming December!