Gift Boxes are available at our Tasting Room. Check out the options:

Smash! Collaboration Whiskeys

$50 - Learn More - Three 200ml bottles, available in three combinations:

No2, No3, No4 | A Bourbon whiskey with two outliers, a Smoked whiskey and a Hopped; To challenge your tastes and intrigue your pallete.
No1, No5, No6 | A Rye whiskey with two other complex and witty whiskeys, the Black Malt and the Barley- A thinking man's gift box.
No1, No2, No3| Our wonderful Bourbon mixed with a complimentary pair of whiskeys, a Smoked and a Black Malt.
The Original Ladies Man

$130 - Four 750ml bottles, T-shirt & two glasses (Brandy is extra).

Junior Ladies Man

$100 - Five 375ml bottles (one each) & two glasses.

Family Man

$75 - Two 750ml bottles, T-shirt, & two glasses (Brandy/Whiskey is extra).

Junior Family Man

$50 - Two 375ml bottles, T-shirt & two glasses (Brandy is extra).


$5 on top of bottle price - A glass and a bottle in a red & white striped tube.

Customize your gift box! Add a flask, hat or another fine piece of merchandise from Old Sugar Distillery. Check out our Gear page for more ideas.