We're happy to announce the upcoming release of our Ultimate Brandy Set, featuring three different types of brandy!


A premixed cocktail. Distilled from Pinot Gris wine from Ancient Lake Winery in Quincey, WA. We then add homemade vermouth, bitters, and a touch of Door County cherry juice. Just pour over ice. Available soon in 1 Liter bottles, and in our Brandy Sets
Our Signature Brandy, made from Grapes harvested fresh from Mitchell Vineyards in Oregon, WI. We age them in mild barrels to impart a lighter, more delicate flavor familiar to the seasoned Brandy enthusiast, and then finish them in used Rum barrels to add a unique flavor you can't get anywhere else.
Distilled from apples grown at Ski-Hi Fruit Farm, a stone's throw from Devil's Lake State Park. We aged this brandy in new charred oak for a whiskey-like finish.

Gift Box $65
Available SOON!

Three bottles in an embossed metal case with a custom deck of playing cards.

We purchased 2400 gallons of Apple Cider back in 2015 from Ski Hi Fruit Farm in Baraboo, a stone's throw from Devil's Lake State Park. We made varietal specific apple brandies, so you'll be able to taste 5 different varieties of apple brandy: Cortland, Jonathan, Macoun, McIntosh and a blend. Unlike our other brandies these are aged in new charred oak giving them an intense, almost whiskey-like character.

Gift Box $80
Available SOON!

Four 200ml bottles of the varietal spcific apple brandies in a metal case with a custom deck of playing cards.

Bottles and Gift Boxes will be available, as well as Flights of the 4 varietal specific apple brandies will be served with a slice of each variety of apple from which they were made-

The Harvest cockatil is a future classic in the making. The rich, smooth flavor of our Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey combined with the sweet spice of local Apple Cider and the tartness of Cherries- Bold, beautiful and delicious! Coming back to the tasting room and new to bottles SOON!