We're happy to announce the release of our Ultimate Brandy Set, featuring three different types of brandy!


A premixed cocktail. Distilled from Pinot Gris wine from Ancient Lake Winery in Quincey, WA. We then add homemade vermouth, bitters, and a touch of Door County cherry juice. Just pour over ice. Available NOW in 375ml and 1 Liter bottles, and in our Brandy Sets
Our Signature Brandy, made from Grapes harvested fresh from Mitchell Vineyards in Oregon, WI. We age them in mild barrels to impart a lighter, more delicate flavor familiar to the seasoned Brandy enthusiast, and then finish them in used Rum barrels to add a unique flavor you can't get anywhere else.
Distilled from apples grown at Ski-Hi Fruit Farm, a stone's throw from Devil's Lake State Park. We aged this brandy in new charred oak for a whiskey-like finish.

Gift Box $65
Available NOW!

Three bottles in an embossed metal case with a custom deck of playing cards.

We purchased 2400 gallons of Apple Cider back in 2015 from Ski Hi Fruit Farm in Baraboo, a stone's throw from Devil's Lake State Park. We made varietal specific apple brandies, so you'll be able to taste 5 different varieties of apple brandy: Cortland, Jonathan, Macoun, McIntosh and a blend. Unlike our other brandies these are aged in new charred oak giving them an intense, almost whiskey-like character.
The Gift box consists of four 200ml bottles of each varietal-specific brandy in a decorative tin with a pack of custom playing cards.

Gift Box $80
Available NOW!

Bottles of the Blended Pomeroy and Gift Boxes are available, as well as Flights of the 4 varietal specific apple brandies served with a slice of each variety of apple from which they were made.

Flight $10
375ml Blend $25
750ml Blend $45

The Harvest cockatil is a future classic in the making. The rich, smooth flavor of our Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey combined with the sweet spice of local Apple Cider and the tartness of Door County Cherries- Bold, beautiful and delicious!
Available now as a cocktail and by the bottle.

Cocktail $7
1 litre bottle $40
1.75 litre bottle $65